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E-mail archiving – everything important at one glance

Since the beginning of 2017, it is official: Not only paper documents, but also emails containing relevant business content must be taken into account in the context of document retention. Thus, the subject of e-mail archiving is more explosive than ever.

The Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF) in Germany already set this requirement in detail in November 2014. The BMF’s so-called “Principles for the orderly management and storage of books, records and documents in electronic form and for data access (GoBD)” replace the previously applicable GoBS and the GDPdU (principles for data access and verifiability of digital documents).

Ultimately, these words mean that the same rule applies to all other business documents exchanged via email, such as offers, invoices or reminders. If the company does not comply with this obligation, sanctions have to be expected.

Advantages of email archiving

  • Archiving on the run

    E-mail archiving is a permanent process whereby every e-mail is archived immediately. Thus both every incoming and outgoing message is archived right away.

  • reliability

    With the tried and tested technology based on the mailstore, we offer you the highest stability. Even a big flood of e-mails can easily be archived in the certified data centers of Biteno GmbH.

  • flexibility

    No matter if 15 or 15,000 mailboxes: With the service provider solution for e-mail archiving Mailstore we have the necessary flexibility for you.

  • security

    From the inbox of each e-mail account over the outgoing e-mails to the final storage in the archive: Your data is 100% secure in the high-security data centers of Biteno.

  • individuality

    E-mail archiving is independent of your e-mail server and works with Microsoft Exchange as well as with other mail servers (IMAP, POP3, MDaemon, Kerio, IceWarp).

  • Cost savings

    Due to the compact storage and the use of economies of the scaling effects, we can offer you secure e-mail archiving at an excellent price-performance ratio.

Your contact for e-mail archiving

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The solution: e-mail archiving

What does it mean?

Any business correspondence that is not just done paper-based but also via e-mail must be archived in a legally compliant manner. Companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland must keep all e-mails complete, tamper-proof and discoverable at all times.

This includes e-mails that have the function of an accounting document or a mere business letter. Same applies to the tax-relevant attachments such as invoices or offers.

Important is:

The receipt and sending of e-mails must also be verifiable afterwards. This means that it is not sufficient to keep a large mailbox in which all mails are stored. In order to comply with the basic principles of GoBD, each mail must be stored in an archive and protected against accidental deletion.

The technology for archiving mails

Order the legally compliant e-mail archiving and secure the following benefits:

  • Thorough and tamper-proof archiving of your e-mails
  • Complete protection against data loss
  • Fast search for old emails
  • Archiving eases the load of your e-mail server (eg MS Exchange)
  • Abolition of quotas and PST files
  • One-click restore for all users
  • Ability to merge distributed emails

Above all, with the legally compliant e-mail archiving, you and your company are on the safe side when it comes to GoDB. At any time, you can prove to the tax office, your tax adviser or other parties, who received an e-mail from whom and when.

Do not hesitate and tackle the subject of email archiving now to rule out legal consequences!

What our customers say:

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