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Linux-Administration / We do it for you!

The setup and administration of Linux servers cannot be done by anyone. Even if the majority of IT professionals feel better with Windows: We live and love Linux!

The good thing about Linux is that you as a customer do not have to pay any license fees for the operating system – unlike Windows. Linux is free (with the exception of Red Hat and SuSE Linux) and mostly released as open source software. Everyone can freely choose his or her Linux distribution and download it from the Internet directly.

the result: two thirds of all servers on the web run with a Linux operating system. Since the Linux servers usually lack a graphical user interface like Windows, many users and IT colleagues find it difficult to use Linux.

The advantages of Linux

  • Always Up-to Date

    Linux systems maintained by Biteno GmbH receive daily updates. Necessary reboots take place outside normal business hours or during the maintenance days.

  • Reliability

    Linux is rightly considered very reliable. Once properly configured, many Linux servers are stable for many years.

  • Flexibility

    You as a customer determine what is going to be deployed on the Linux server: whether web server, database or firewall.

  • Security

    Linux servers are typically used where high or highest security requirements apply. They are a very good solution in their use as mail or web servers.

  • Speed

    When setup and used correctly, Linux systems are often faster than their Windows colleagues. This has mainly to do with the fact that Linux has been developed for a very long time on a 64-bit basis and is often designed for use under heavy load.

  • Cost savings

    Linux is an open source product. Furthermore, many things can be automated on Linux servers, and so the permanent costs of a Linux server are often much lower than Windows devices.

Our focus on Linux

We have many years of experience in the following Linux topics:

  • CentOS
  • Debian Linux
  • KVM especially Proxmox
  • Openstack

We also use the following products in our data centers:

  • Ceph for storing very large amounts of data
  • Postfix mail server
  • DNS with Bind and PowerDNS
  • Cpanel and Plesk for managing web servers
  • Online backup with Bareos / Bacula, ahsay
  • Ansible for the orchestration of distributed infrastructures

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Your request to Biteno

The solution for your Linux server

At Biteno GmbH we deal with Linux right from the start. The founder and managing director, Matthias Böhmichen, has been using Linux since 1992. Today, Biteno GmbH uses Linux everywhere where longevity and stability are important.

The following servers are often operated by Linux:

  • Web Server
  • E-mail server
  • DNS (Domain Name System)
  • Firewalls
  • Virtualization server with KVM (OpenStack / Proxmox)
  • Data backup server
  • Distributed Storage with Ceph

The Linux and IT experts of the IT service provider Biteno GmbH permanently use the Linux distributions CentOS and Debian themselves. As virtualization platforms we use KVM or Proxmox in our data centers. Large volumes of data (> 100 TB) are stored in a distributed ceph cluster.

The technology behind Linux

The technology behind Linux is no rocket science. Virtually every server that runs with a Windows operating system today can handle a Linux installation as well.

Whether your applications can be operated on Linux instead of Windows usually has to be considered individually.

Contact us! We are happy to check how your requirements can be met the best.

By the way: If you use a mobile phone with Android, then you are already successfully using open source Linux.

What our customers say

Seit über einem Jahr werden wir in Sachen IT von der Biteno betreut. Jetzt können wir uns darauf verlassen, dass alles bestens funktioniert.


Sie und Ihr Team kann ich bestens weiter empfehlen. Nochmals besten Dank.


Wir waren sehr positiv überrascht von Biteno. Wie schnell und professionell unser Netzwerk wieder in Ordnung gebracht wurde. Vor allem, dass dies außerhalb unserer Bürozeiten stattfand und wir keinen Stillstand hatten!
Das waren wir von unserem vorherigen Systemhaus so nicht gewohnt. Für uns hat es sich gelohnt den richtigen Partner für unsere IT gefunden zu haben!

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