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Spam Filter – everything important in view

Annoying spam messages are not only irritating, they can also be dangerous. If an employee opens an attachment of a spam email, dangerous viruses can reach the computer unnoticed. An effective antispam solution therefore is essentially for every company.  The most suitable solution is one that filters out spam messages even before they get into the corporate network.

Thus, no time-eating deletion of spam messages and no expensive investments in hardware or software is necessary. Thanks to the software solution we have established with the renowned partner “Spam Experts”, we can offer our customers reliable out-of-the-box protection against spam messages. Spam messages do not even reach their networks but are sorted out by the anti-spam filters beforehand.

Benefits of spam filtering

  • Relevance

    The defense against spam messages is a constant process, in which each e-mail is checked individually. Based on dozens of criteria, the mail is classified according to a certified process and, depending on the scores, is forwarded to the user’s mailbox – or quarantined.

  • Reliability

    With the tried and tested technology of distributed spam filters, we offer you the highest reliability when receiving and sending your e-mails. With up to 48 distributed servers, even a flood of e-mails can not harm the anti-spam solution.

  • Flexibility

    No matter if you have 5 or 15,000 mailboxes: With the Biteno anti-spam solution, you can make any web domain spam-free. It does not matter how many mailboxes are hosted on your e-mail servers.

  • Security

    From the arrival of every e-mail in the antispam cloud to the receipt of the message on your e-mail server:

    Your data is 100% secure in the high-security computing centers of Biteno GmbH.

  • Individuality

    You can configure the spam filters for each domain of your e-mail server independently. The software solution works with any e-mail server that sends or receives e-mails via SMTP – i.e. with Microsoft Exchange as well as with other e-mail servers (for example MDaemon, Kerio, IceWarp and more).

  • Cost savings

    With bundled distributed server performance, you can take advantage of benefits that only large companies typically have. Profit from this excellent cost-effectiveness in our anti-spam service.

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The Solution: Online Spam Filter

What does that mean?

The anti-spam solution is always online and “up-to-date”: All filter systems are constantly being adapted and there is always a search for potential new dangers, so that even the latest spam attacks can be successfully fended off.

In-depth filtering ensures redundancy and continuity when delivering your emails. If the destination mail server is offline, the incoming mail will be queued and forwarded as soon as the destination server is back online. So no emails are lost and will not be rejected.

If it is not clear to the spam filter whether or not an e-mail is classified as spam, it will be moved to the e-mail quarantine. The recipient receives a notification and can view this mail, be sent later or simply delete it. The threshold value can be set by the user himself.

The Technique For Spam Prevention

Order the highly available spam filter and benefit from these features:

  • Easy to manage – no software or hardware required, easy to implement on your individual cloud
  • High filter quality – the filter accuracy rate is almost 100% – the result of continuous analysis and evaluation of spam e-mails
  • Advanced Quarantine Options – ability to search the logged events and check the status of each email to give you a full overview
  • The solution works “out of the box” – spam e-mails do not reach your systems and are eliminated beforehand
  • Your e-mail servers are sustainably relieved
  • Always up-to-date – the employees of the IT service provider Biteno GmbH ensure that all their filter systems are constantly adapted

By the way: You can combine the spam filter perfectly with e-mail archiving.

Do not hesitate and stop spam today. Within 24 hours you can be free of spam with a probability of 99.9% .

What our customers say

Wir waren sehr positiv überrascht von Biteno. Wie schnell und professionell unser Netzwerk wieder in Ordnung gebracht wurde. Vor allem, dass dies außerhalb unserer Bürozeiten stattfand und wir keinen Stillstand hatten!
Das waren wir von unserem vorherigen Systemhaus so nicht gewohnt. Für uns hat es sich gelohnt den richtigen Partner für unsere IT gefunden zu haben!

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Seit über einem Jahr werden wir in Sachen IT von der Biteno betreut. Jetzt können wir uns darauf verlassen, dass alles bestens funktioniert.


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