IT service at a fixed price

With the Biteno IT service flatrate, you benefit from competent support and regular maintenance of your hardware and software. In addition, you can rely on fixed and predictable IT costs for your business.

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  • IT Consultance

    Before entering a corresponding agreement, the IT experts of Biteno GmbH advise you in detail and cooperate with you to develop a suitable concept for your company. You can contact our sales consultants at +49 (0)711-4889020.

  • Predictable Costs

    Regardless of the specific services you need for the IT of your company, one thing is certain: the IT costs remain calculable and thus plannable.

Service is a precious commodity in IT. Unfortunately, the prices for competent services are often very high or at least incalculable. This results from a payment according to expenditure. This can result in significant costs that are incalculable for many companies and thus pose a major problem. You cannot exactly calculate these amounts because system outages and other IT issues never go according to plan. You should therefore opt for the reliable option. With the IT flat rate of Biteno GmbH you get a fixed price guarantee. This way, you know what you pay for and do not experience unpleasant surprises from unexpectedly high bills.

Trust in your IT flat rate: More than a maintenance contract

Services in the IT sector require a high degree of trust. As an IT service provider, you provide us with your technical specifications or data when you need our support. As a certified service provider, we know about the significance of such an evidence of confidence and know how to act accordingly. The same applies to the terms of payment. Our IT service flat rate is more than just a maintenance contract, which usually only includes the maintenance of IT systems and software in the form of hotfixes, patches, updates and version adjustments. That might be enough for you, if everything runs smoothly.
However, as soon as problems or failures occur, this form of contract can quickly become expensive. You will need to purchase additional support services in such cases. This can be avoided.

The IT service flatrate of Biteno GmbH goes far beyond the level of a maintenance contract. In addition, we not only support you in troubleshooting problems. The package includes all services related to a single server or multiple IT systems. You can consult the IT experts of Biteno GmbH at any time or have the entire IT administration carried out by us. We will gladly help you to find out, which way is the best for you and your business.

IT Service from a single source

With the IT, it is very important to get the support services from one single source. Otherwise, you will quickly get problems with several companies that advise and support you. If an error situation occurs, the individual IT service providers like to point their finger at the other companies. Do not get involved. Better use our IT service flat rate for optimal support from a single source and custom-made for your requirements.

IT Service Provider – Biteno GmbH: Who we are

Biteno GmbH offers you an all-round service in all IT matters. Your are going to be well covered by our IT service flat rate. We offer a full service at your location. If you would like to completely outsource your IT, we are also at your disposal as a competent IT outsourcing partner. In addition to comprehensive IT consulting as part of our IT service flat rate, you can also have the procurement of your hardware and software handled by Biteno GmbH.