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IT monitoring – everything important at a glance

Continuous and complete monitoring of your IT infrastructure is one of the core components of managed services. With the help of IT monitoring, you can not only determine the current availability of IT services such as e-mail, web server or other vital IT hardware. The seamless monitoring of your IT ensures that you can work with your IT equipment at any time without interruptions.

Well-established monitoring makes it possible to detect small problems before they might have big effects. All important components are tested for their functionality every 5 minutes at least.

The basis for monitoring your IT components and IT processes is always a separate monitoring service. It runs on all major devices that are essential for their processes: printer, computer, server (with their ERP software, for example) and firewall. In this way, as an IT service provider, we usually identify a problem before you even notice it – and can fix it really fast.

Advantages of IT-Monitoring

  • Up-To-Dateness

    IT monitoring always up-to-date: The status of individual components or IT services is checked at least every 5 minutes.

  • Reliability

    The proven technologies of GFI-Max and Icinga2 offer highest stability. We monitor thousands of devices worldwide.

  • Flexibility

    As a customer, you define the scope of your network monitoring. Whether a single server or a worldwide network: With Icinga2 we can cover all conceivable dimensions for you.

  • Security

    All data is encrypted permanently and 100% secure.

  • Individuality

    Regardless of whether you use a printer, server, VMWare host, Hyper-V or firewall – and no matter what technology you use: 99% of all IT devices can be monitored seamlessly within a very short time.

  • Cost Savings

    With permanent monitoring, we detect small disturbances before they become real problems. This saves time and nerves.

What our customers say

Wir waren sehr positiv überrascht von Biteno. Wie schnell und professionell unser Netzwerk wieder in Ordnung gebracht wurde. Vor allem, dass dies außerhalb unserer Bürozeiten stattfand und wir keinen Stillstand hatten!
Das waren wir von unserem vorherigen Systemhaus so nicht gewohnt. Für uns hat es sich gelohnt den richtigen Partner für unsere IT gefunden zu haben!

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Seit über einem Jahr werden wir in Sachen IT von der Biteno betreut. Jetzt können wir uns darauf verlassen, dass alles bestens funktioniert.


Sie und Ihr Team kann ich bestens weiter empfehlen. Nochmals besten Dank.


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The solution for your IT monitoring

The use of IT becomes more important for companies from year to year and often even more critical. In addition to the annoyance, a non-functioning e-mail server or a corrupted website usually means one thing to you: less sales and fewer satisfied customers.

Therefore, permanent IT monitoring is an integral part of managed services (maintenance contract) in addition to regular updates and permanent IT documentation.

In IT monitoring, we have relied on GFI-Max technology and global monitoring with Icinga2 for years. We combine both products the way it makes sense for your infrastructure – depending on whether you have more Linux or more Windows servers in use.


When using IT monitoring – for example with the “Smart IT Server” managed service, your servers and all other important IT components are monitored 24×7 at a 5-minute interval. The status determined by the monitoring service is recognized by the IT specialists directly at the central help desk. From here, in the event of a malfunction or error in your system, we can immediately correct it.

Our recommendation: Combine pure IT monitoring with the “Smart IT Server” update management for your most important servers. So your servers are not only permanently monitored but also brought up to date on the latest software release. It does not matter if you use Windows Server (eg: 2008 R2 or 2012 R2) or Linux (eg Centos or Ubuntu) on your devices.