7 Benefits of an Online Backup Service

online backup service benefits

As internet connections become faster and servers become more affordable, online backup has changed from a concept to an indispensable service for many businesses. There are many benefits of online data backup that just aren’t found in USB flash drives, CDs, and external drives. While some of these benefits are obvious, others are less apparent.

1. Extra Security with Online Backup

While some users rely on USB drives, these have little value if they are lost or damaged. Many risks, such as computer viruses, fire, flooding, theft, and hardware failures can occur when backup copies are stored away from the computer. When the main drive is lost, a user can recover all important data from an Online Backup and keep all valuable files.

2. Fully Automated Backups

Companies should create their own protocols, such as making weekly backups to external hard drives or DVDs. However, copying files in this way takes considerable effort, and there’s always a risk of forgetting files or skipping backups. Luckily, top quality online backup providers offer a fully-automated solution that makes backups on a regular basis.

3. Recovery is Easier When Online Backups are Used

When crisis strikes, the importance of a backup plan becomes very apparent. The best solutions allow companies to recover their lost data quickly without any disturbance in the organization’s workflow. The best providers offer fast recovery and free trials so clients can determine whether the service fulfills their needs.

4. Data Versioning and Retaining Earlier Copies

Some things just can’t be done via manual data backups, and versioning is one of these things. Online data backup providers keep sequential copies of data, and clients can search or recover data from these earlier copies. This service offers a true value if a client works with regularly updated data files and they need to recover information that was inadvertently deleted or overwritten.

5. Syncing Data on Multiple Devices

Synchronization is another important feature that just can’t be done with an old backup system. Fortunately, clients can easily sync data with an online backup provider. It is possible to start with a file on the desktop, work with it on a laptop, and provide finished products on a tablet. It is amazing how much a client can achieve with a decent productivity tool.

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6. Saving Time and Cost

Buying backup media and drives can be expensive because they need maintenance, upgrades, and time to work properly. Many clients admit that the time-saving capability of online data backup is the biggest benefit. For small and medium companies, outsourced backup solutions from an online provider can result in significant savings.

7. Peace of Mind

It is nearly impossible to assign a dollar value to peace of mind. However, by using an online data storage solution, a client can have fewer worries about losing important data. By letting the professionals take care of the hard work involved in data storage and retrieval, a client can save money and time while gaining reassurance. When partnering with a reliable provider, clients can spend less time worrying about data and more time running the business.

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