benefits of hosted exchange

Every company would like to know their confidential email, calendar and contact information is safe and secure.

A hosted Microsoft Exchange service is a popular way for companies to achieve this and at the same time benefit from all the features of this powerful software.

Microsoft Exchange – an Enterprise class solution for email and collaboration

Microsoft Exchange is enterprise class collaboration software used by companies all over the world to manage emails, calendars and contact information. Coming from Microsoft, it integrates closely with the Microsoft Office suite of productivity tools such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

The complexity of setting up and managing an Exchange system has meant that only larger companies have had the resources to install and configure the necessary servers and software.

A typical Exchange server installation requires expertise in servers, email, collaboration software, networking and security. Exchange servers are usually installed at company data centres. For large organisations this has presented a safe but expensive way to deliver email and collaboration services to their users.

How Hosted Exchange has changed the Email landscape

As the cost of hosting servers has fallen, it has become economical for hosting companies to install and configure Exchange servers so they may offer hosted Exchange services to their customers. This arrangement has suited companies both large and small.

Larger companies subscribe to a hosted Exchange service to reduce the management overhead of a complex Exchange installation. Smaller companies subscribe because they can now access the power of Microsoft Exchange but without having to invest in expensive hardware and software.

A hosted Microsoft Exchange service provides all customers with a secure solution to manage their email and collaboration software. In fact, the security aspects of hosted Exchange are often a major reason a customer subscribes to the service.

Protecting your email and collaboration systems

A hosted Microsoft Exchange service offers a number of security related benefits.

  • Most hosting providers provide 24/7 expert support to solve any Exchange related issue, including security issues. Hosting companies employ Microsoft Exchange experts to reduce or eliminate downtime for customers.
  • While the server may be hosted at the service provider’s data centre, customers can still manage their Exchange system through a control panel from desktop or mobile devices. This ensures mailboxes can be created, deleted and managed at any time of day. Any security breaches can be attended to very quickly.
  • Hosting providers use professional, secure data centres to host their server and network infrastructure. Access to the datacenter is only granted to authorized personnel, making sure your hosting service is protected from physical tampering.
  • Hosting providers build further levels of protection through the use of firewalls, SPAM filters and data encryption at their datacenter. All levels of security are kept up to date with latest software versions and patches to provide the latest protection.
  • One of the biggest benefits to the safety and security of information is the fact a hosted Exchange services can be installed in a data centre many kilometres from the customer’s offices or factory. Should a disaster occur at the customer premises, the Exchange service and data is safely held by the hosting company and the service continues to be available during a disaster event such as fire or flood. A customer who uses a hosted Exchange service is able to continue to communicate and share information at a critical time.


In times when data security is forever in the news, companies who select a hosted Exchange service can be sure they have chosen a proven, secure way to manage their email and collaboration systems.

how to choose the best wordpress hosting company

WordPress is the most popular platform for building websites. It is estimated that 25% of all websites on the Internet are built using the WordPress content management system (CMS).

A CMS is an online system for creating pages for your website and WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world – over 74 million websites across the planet are powered with WordPress.

WordPress became popular in part because it was free to download and install on your own server or hosting account. WordPress also has a strong user community to help improve the software on a regular basis. However, perhaps the most important aspect of WordPress is that it is easy to use and helps you create great looking websites.

Choosing a WordPress Hosting Company

If you’re looking to build a website, WordPress is an excellent choice.

You now need to choose a company to ‘host’ the website for you. A WordPress hosting company will provide you with a server on which you can install WordPress and also provide you with the necessary disk storage and fast connection to the Internet.

However, not all web hosting companies are the same and you will need to check the following:

Fast, Reliable Service – you need to know your WordPress website will be available to visitors all the time. After all, it’s your reputation on the line. Ask your WordPress hosting company about the speed and reliability of their service.

Optimized for WordPress – your hosting provider must have their servers optimized for WordPress. The minimum requirements are PHP 5.6 or greater, MySQL 5.6 or greater and the mod_rewrite module in Apache.

Easy to install WordPress – make sure the installation of WordPress is automated and simple to complete in a matter of minutes. You don’t want to waste time trying to understand how to copy files to the server.

How many SQL databases are you allowed? – WordPress uses a MySQL database to store your information. You use one MySQL database per WordPress website. If you need to build more than one WordPress website (many companies build a test site), then you will need more than one MySQL database.

Excellent Customer Support – while there is a great wealth of online knowledge to support WordPress users, your hosting company must also be WordPress experts. If you have any issues with your WordPress installation, they must be able to diagnose and fix any problems.

Make Your WordPress Hosting Decision

When choosing a WordPress hosting service make sure you call the company to discuss their service before you buy. How they respond to you on the phone will give you an indication of the future service you can expect from them.

Be confident they are experts in WordPress and experts in web hosting.

how to create a strong and memorable password

We live in a world of passwords: We need passwords to access our Internet banking, our email, our work computer and much, much more.
I’m sure we have all been faced with logging into a new service and being asked to create a new user ID and password.

What do you do? Think of any word that pops into your head? Add a few numbers and type it in?

You may have created a strong password combination but how will you remember it? A password we may think of as being obvious when we sign up may have left our memory the following day!

Passwords are something of a paradox – it is important that our passwords are easy to remember but they must also be impossible to guess.

Randomly thinking of words and phrases with numbers, special characters, upper case and lower case letters can be daunting. In this article we are going to give you some help by showing the tips and tricks the top technical experts use to create safe passwords.

Password Creation – Good Practice

  • Create passwords of 8 characters or more in length. Some experts recommend 12 or even 21 character long passwords but we think that is going a bit far for most people in day to day use.
  • Use at least 1 upper case letter in your password. This is a requirement of many systems but it is a good habit to get into.
  • A mix of letters and numbers. Again, many systems require you to have both numbers and letters but it is better you already have the habit.
  • Add special characters – !@#$%^&*(). This is the best way to make a password truly unique. However, try to avoid using obvious substitutions such as an exclamation mark “!” to replace a “1”. This is too easy for people and hackers to guess.
  • Use a sequence of letters and numbers that means something to you and no-one else. So, you might say “I Walk My Dog Every Day” and then take the first character of every word “IWMDED” to become part of your password – you can add numbers and special characters.

Password Creation – Things NOT to do

The rules of what you should not do are just as important as the things you should do.

  • Do not use one password for every service you use – no matter how tempting! This would mean as soon as someone has got your email password, they would have your online banking password as well.
  • Avoid names, places and dictionary words in your passwords. Hackers can use special programs to crack your passwords and names, places and dictionary words make it easier for them to crack.
  • Do not repeat one character e.g.; aaaaaaa. This may sound obvious but it is one of the top 6 most common ways to create a password.
  • Do not write your passwords down in an easy to find place or type them into a document called ‘passwords.doc’ and save that document to your desktop. Again, this sounds obvious not to do but many people still keep their passwords in an easy to find document on their computer.

If you take the time to create strong passwords, you will have a safer time online.

Create your strong passwords today!


how to do a online backup

Think of data backups as insurance for your computer files.
If something goes wrong with your computer system and you lose all your files, your entire business is at risk. You need to protect your files and documents by having an online backup (also known as a cloud backup) in place.

65% of businesses do not recover from a disaster

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in the USA, 40% of businesses do not reopen after a disaster of any sort and 25% fail within 12 months of the disaster.

With a combined total of 65% of businesses failing within 1 year of a disaster, every business needs to prepare for a disaster event. The simplest way to protect your company’s information is to set up an online backup.

It is vital every business has a second copy (backup) of all their data held at a different location. If your company’s data is destroyed or lost through fire, flood or theft, you have a copy safely stored elsewhere.

If you think backups are not that important, just imagine the effect on your business if you lost all your data in the next hour. How would your payroll, accounting, production, customer service systems continue? How many sales would you lose? How happy would your customers be?

An online data backup ensures you do not lose your critical business information even if the computers have been temporarily affected. You can buy or rent new computers but you cannot buy your data once it has been lost. Every organization is responsible for their own data.

What to look for in an online backup service provider

An online backup is the perfect solution for most organizations because the data will automatically be saved to a separate location away from the company offices.

So what are the top 5 features to look for in an online backup service provider?

  1. Secure data center – Make sure your backup provider uses a professional data center to locate their servers and hard disk storage.
  2. Easy to setup – As the customer, you should have access to an easy to use control panel to organize your data backup.
  3. Tech support – Tech support should be able to respond quickly to any problems because you will never know when you need your backup data.
  4. Expandable storage space – As you backup increasing amounts of data, your online backup service provider needs to have the capacity to increase the disk space available to you. You cannot ever afford to run out of disk space!
  5. Clear pricing – Do not get caught out with hidden fees and costs. Ask your provider for all their fees for online backup.

An online backup service provider should be an important part of company’s IT strategy. Make sure you do your research to find the right one for you.



There are a number of typical mistakes that a company might make, in many cases being convinced to do the best for the company growth. Since it can be a costly affair to make mistakes in the business world, these aspects should be taken into consideration.

List of typical mistakes to avoid during company growth

Transferring the model to another country on a 1-to-1 base

A major and frequent mistake is the wish to do everything as usual by transferring the company principles that had been successful to another country, without adopting the details to the specific situation found in the new, foreign market. Company growth may come to a halt, since this strategy does not take the following points into consideration. Another country is another country, it is as simple as that. So judicial aspects and issues regarding the specific form the company should take are often disregarded. This is bound to fail, unless there is a person who is very qualified and knows about the specifics of the country envisaged. Another option might be to hire a “country manager” who deals with all those major and minor differences to be covered before the company takes off in a new terrain.

To take on everything regardless of capacities

As understandable as it may be to jump for each order placed by the clients it might be counter-productive if one does not calculate the company´s capacities properly. Company growth might easily be hindered at this point as it may come to a jam with orders piling up and deadlines not being met. So, it is more than advisable to check capacities before taking on new orders – otherwise the clients not being served will show their discontent, and this may spread widely. Checking what are reliable profitable orders meeting the company´s core competences is by far more effective.

To cling to the old structures no matter what

In the old days it was common practice to do what we have always done, but today things have become much more dynamic. So, in order to ensure company growth and keep your staffers satisfied, one should be ready to change if something requires changing and also keep to promises made. The internal structures have to follow the products and the changes that are required to keep pace. Only if one adopts the structures to modern times, a company is able to be up to date and successful.

The fear of trying out new things

It is common practice, too, to take successful role models, companies that have proved successful, and follow their pattern by imitating their style and their products. This seems a good idea at first sight, but may in actual fact prove stifling when it comes to company growth. Looking at what “big brother” is doing prevents a company from leaving the comfort zone and trying out new things that may be individually effective. In this context a tip might be to find and concentrate on a niche product and develop it. In other words, a personal profile is by far more effective when it comes to company growth than mimicking others.

To stick to one´s own know-how

Being a lonesome wolf is not the path to company growth. This wolf might get lost in the wilderness or even the desert. It is more advisable to get fresh ideas and impetus from others, resulting in a really thrilling idea that is supported by the business environment. Getting fresh ideas might be best if one hires a true expert coming from the outside. This fresh blood also provides a fresh view that expands the company´s horizon.

We know best – starting a project without carrying out a test phase

Even though a project or product may seem phantastic in theory it may turn out to be a flop when it comes to putting it to practice. Thus, it s advisable to test the project using a small group or focus group to deal with the way the project “flies”. This knowledge, along with a knowledge of what might be drawbacks and obstacles, might be most valuable in terms of company growth.

typo 3 hosting

Any person visiting your website might be your next client. This means that you should by all means present yourself resp. your company in the most favourable light possible. But how do you go about it? Which tools do you apply? TYPO3 is a state-of-the art Content Management System (CMS) which fulfills all the necessary requirements you might have regarding a modern website. Everything you have to know about TYPO3 Hosting will be explained to you in this article. .

The right choice of a web host for your TYPO3 website

TYPO3 is uploaded on a web server. It is installed on your website through the use of a web browser.
Over the past years, almost all web hosts have boosted their systems, so that the websites can be worked using TYPO3 among others. Along with the storage space it is especially the connection with an SQL-data base and the main memory that are essential. In addition, the PHP-version to be used counts and whether it can be adapted by you. This is done by means of you accessing the respective parameter file.
In the case of big dimensional hosts you will share a web server with hundreds of other clients. If your internet presentation is only minor, this does not pose a problem. As soon as you add photos and videos, though, and maybe a contact sheet and a newsletter your website will slow down considerably. So, you should better check in advance how many domains are administered by one server.

The central role of the web performance is played by the RAM. The minimum figure for TYPO3 lies at 8 MB. Yet, this capacity does not net you with very much. The web hosts have come to realize this, too, so thy are now offering 64 MB or more as the standard version. However, especially in the case of major TYPO3 projects 256 MB or even 512 MB will be required.

Also, make sure that the security aspect is dealt with adequately. What happens in case your host server breaks down? Does the host provide a backup on a regular base, or do you have to deal with this yourself?

Which webspace package is needed for your TYPO3 Hosting?

A lot of webspace is required when you use TYPO3. Apart from the program data you have to consider the space needed for videos, photos and documents, too. These easily add up to a high number of gigabytes.
A good host knows his client´s problems. He should provide a phone support available on week-ends, too since the week-ends are typical “update and safety measure times”.

Here is a checklist that might be useful if you are looking for the right web host:

How much storage space is provided?

  • How much storage capacity is provided per domain?
  • Is an SQL data base supported, too?
  • Does the host initiate back-ups?
  • Which PHP version is used?
  • Are you able to adopt major parameter files such as .htaccess und php.ini, yourself?
  • Are you able to build SQL data bases yourself?

When dealing with the topic of typo 3 hosting you should take this into consideration: TYPO3 as such is very stable and is considered a high-quality application. But this is true only if the surroundings comply with the respective claims connected with the application.

TYPO3 hosting can be applied by in all kinds of web hosting packages. All you have to do is install it by using the easy to use 1-Click Installer. It is ready in no time and can be upgraded if need be anytime. Now you have received a good overview of TYPO3 hosting – put it to practice and profit from its benefits.