WordPress Hosting Company: 5 Factors to Consider

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Many people assume using a WordPress-powered website means they do not have to think much about choosing a hosting solution. However, choosing the right web host is critical in providing site visitors with a top-quality user experience. Below are five factors site owners should consider when choosing wordpress hosting.

Hosting Requirements for WordPress

Although the WordPress content management system is very adaptable and easy to use, it has certain hosting requirements to be met before installation. At the least, the client’s web server should have some basic software packages, such as PHP (version 5.2.4 or later) and MySQL (5.0 or later version).

Site Security

During the age of technology, it is common to hear of data breaches in companies of all sizes. Because sensitive data can be easily compromised, the wordpress hosting solution’s security should be a top consideration. A client should ensure the hosting company they select is equipped to meet cybersecurity challenges today and in the future.

Availability of Tech Support

Murphy’s Law applies in many areas, but it is particularly applicable in web hosting. No matter which precautions a site owner takes, they will eventually need to call the hosting company for help in problem-solving or troubleshooting. When problems arise, the client should have a wordpress hosting service that has good customer support and wide availability.

Availability of Useful Features

Though web hosting is a crucial feature to consider when choosing a WordPress host, the customer should still choose a hosting company that uses the most up-to-date technology. Today’s quality wordpress hosting providers such as veryHost offer beneficial features such as automatic software updates and upgrades, GIT version control, one-click staging and much more.


While it should not be the sole consideration, price is an important aspect of choosing a wordpress hosting company. Though most web hosting companies are fighting to undercut one another as far as pricing is concerned, customers should remember that the cheapest option is not always the best. Like other things in life, with web hosting, a person gets what they pay for. Websites require a lot of energy and effort—do not waste it by choosing a cheap web host and exposing the company to unnecessary risk factors.

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While many site owners choose wordpress for its ease of use and the wide availability of plugins, it is not a “set it and forget it” proposition. Web hosting companies can ensure that the site works with minimal downtime and that visitors always get a great user experience. By evaluating the above factors, site owners can put themselves in a position to make an informed choice.

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