What to Expect as You Start Working with WordPress 5.0


WordPress has gone through a number of different changes throughout the years. However, the latest update to WordPress 5.0 is one of the biggest jumps out of the recent major updates. WordPress now uses a new block-based editor called Gutenberg. This is completely redesigned and is far different from the previous versions of WordPress. Learn more about what to expect from WordPress 5.0 now so you’ll be ready when you give it a try.

A Big Jump Forward

Those who have been using WordPress for a while will quickly notice how big of a change this latest update really is. While all updates are going to contain useful changes, WordPress 5.0 includes a huge number of different changes as well as a whole new look. Gutenberg is similar to the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor that WordPress has previously used, but it now includes blocks.

These content blocks can be filled with whatever you want and then easily be moved around the page to make it exactly what you want. The update gives you more control for the appearance of your website. You can use the new menu that is included with Gutenberg to create the type of block you want or choose from common types of blocks like images and headings. You’ll also be able to easily embed social media posts and more.

Basically, the update to WordPress 5.0, while it is a big change, is designed to make everything easier for you to do, give you more that you can do, and enable you to have complete control over how your website will look. It’s a more in-depth way to create and edit your website and, though it might take some time to get used to, is going to allow you to do just about anything you might want with your website.

What You Should Expect

There are a few different things you’ll want to expect from the new WordPress version. One of the biggest things to expect is that you’ll be able to easily build custom themes. This can mean that you won’t need to use page builder plugins, and it means you’ll be able to create the exact theme you want for your website.

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Another difference you may notice is that the updates after WordPress 5.0 will be a bit different. Instead of scheduled releases for new versions, the version will come whenever there’s something significant that changes. This means updates will likely be more meaningful and you’ll be able to do more with each update.

You should also expect building your website to be more intuitive with the update. Though the change to blocks is a big jump from previous versions of WordPress, they’re designed to make it easier for you to create exactly what you want for your website.

How Your Editing Will Change

You’re likely going to need to change your workflow to work better with the new version of WordPress. Since the new version includes so many big changes, your current workflow might not work as well for you anymore. Once you get used to WordPress 5.0, however, you can develop a new workflow that works better for you. This will lead to increased productivity whether you work online or offline to create your content. You’ll have easy access to formatting options and all of your changes are immediately visible so you can update your website in real time and see how the changes look.

Your editing will also change if you tend to rely on a lot of plugins. Many of the developers have updated their plugins to work with Gutenberg, but there are still many that have not been updated yet. If the plugins you rely on have not been updated, they may not work properly with WordPress 5.0. You’ll need to wait for them to be updated for the new version or switch to plugins that have already been updated, which could be a very big change as far as your editing goes.

Since the new version of WordPress is such a big jump from previous versions, themes will need to be updated as well. Many new themes are being designed that work well with Gutenberg, although websites that use older themes may need to choose a new theme if their default theme is not updated yet. You may want to check the theme you use to see if it’s compatible yet or start to think about a new theme that you might want to try when you switch to the new version of WordPress.

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Get Started Learning WordPress 5.0

A large jump between versions always means there will be a learning curve before you’re familiar with all of the changes and what you can now do. However, you can start playing around with the new version today to start learning how it works before you make the leap to the new version.

Start by using the Gutenberg plugin to test it out and become familiar with it. If you’ve already switched to WordPress 5.0, download the classic editor plugin so you can use the editor you’re familiar with while you play around with the new features and try everything out. To play around and test the new features, create a staging website. This lets you test any ideas you have, try new features, and learn how the new version of WordPress works before you make any changes to your actual website. You won’t have to worry about any issues as your website will still be up and running while you practice on the staging website. When you’re ready, you can make any changes on your actual website and ensure it’s updated to exactly what you want.

WordPress 5.0 includes a lot of major changes, but it can also make it easier for you to completely control how your website looks and acts. Try out the new features today to learn more about what you can do with the new version of WordPress and to learn how Gutenberg works.

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