benefits of hosted exchange

Every company would like to know their confidential email, calendar and contact information is safe and secure.

A hosted Microsoft Exchange service is a popular way for companies to achieve this and at the same time benefit from all the features of this powerful software.

Microsoft Exchange – an Enterprise class solution for email and collaboration

Microsoft Exchange is enterprise class collaboration software used by companies all over the world to manage emails, calendars and contact information. Coming from Microsoft, it integrates closely with the Microsoft Office suite of productivity tools such as Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

The complexity of setting up and managing an Exchange system has meant that only larger companies have had the resources to install and configure the necessary servers and software.

A typical Exchange server installation requires expertise in servers, email, collaboration software, networking and security. Exchange servers are usually installed at company data centres. For large organisations this has presented a safe but expensive way to deliver email and collaboration services to their users.

How Hosted Exchange has changed the Email landscape

As the cost of hosting servers has fallen, it has become economical for hosting companies to install and configure Exchange servers so they may offer hosted Exchange services to their customers. This arrangement has suited companies both large and small.

Larger companies subscribe to a hosted Exchange service to reduce the management overhead of a complex Exchange installation. Smaller companies subscribe because they can now access the power of Microsoft Exchange but without having to invest in expensive hardware and software.

A hosted Microsoft Exchange service provides all customers with a secure solution to manage their email and collaboration software. In fact, the security aspects of hosted Exchange are often a major reason a customer subscribes to the service.

Protecting your email and collaboration systems

A hosted Microsoft Exchange service offers a number of security related benefits.

  • Most hosting providers provide 24/7 expert support to solve any Exchange related issue, including security issues. Hosting companies employ Microsoft Exchange experts to reduce or eliminate downtime for customers.
  • While the server may be hosted at the service provider’s data centre, customers can still manage their Exchange system through a control panel from desktop or mobile devices. This ensures mailboxes can be created, deleted and managed at any time of day. Any security breaches can be attended to very quickly.
  • Hosting providers use professional, secure data centres to host their server and network infrastructure. Access to the datacenter is only granted to authorized personnel, making sure your hosting service is protected from physical tampering.
  • Hosting providers build further levels of protection through the use of firewalls, SPAM filters and data encryption at their datacenter. All levels of security are kept up to date with latest software versions and patches to provide the latest protection.
  • One of the biggest benefits to the safety and security of information is the fact a hosted Exchange services can be installed in a data centre many kilometres from the customer’s offices or factory. Should a disaster occur at the customer premises, the Exchange service and data is safely held by the hosting company and the service continues to be available during a disaster event such as fire or flood. A customer who uses a hosted Exchange service is able to continue to communicate and share information at a critical time.
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In times when data security is forever in the news, companies who select a hosted Exchange service can be sure they have chosen a proven, secure way to manage their email and collaboration systems.

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